Christmas in July

Christmas in July

Right now it’s HOT, HOT, HOT, but pretty soon it will be HO, HO, HO! We know what you are thinking, it’s July, and the temperature is in the 90’s, who would be thinking about Christmas right now? Well, we elves at Toffee to Go officially have Christmas on our minds! We order our holiday boxes, start calling on clients to get their orders in early and most importantly we start hiring more elves so we can get all the good ones before Santa does!

We start our preparations in the middle of the summer for the crazy hustle and bustle that comes with the many holiday orders we receive from every part of the United States. Retailers from across the country are placing their orders with us this month so they can stock their shelves with Toffee to Go during the holiday season. In addition to retailers, we’ve already started to hear from companies near and far wanting to customize our toffee boxes or tins with their company logos to send sweet holiday greetings to all their customers. We would love to do this for you too so just send us your logo and mailing list on our spreadsheet and we do the rest – it’s that easy!

Another way we make your holiday gift giving easier, is with our multi-ship option on our website. Simply place your orders in the shopping cart, choose the multi-ship option and start creating your own client and/or personal address book. Enter everyone in the address book, choose the future ship date, check out and you are done! The great part about this is your address book is saved and you can refer to it every time you need to send toffee gifts throughout the year!

So don’t delay, get this off your to-do list today! Our Toffee to Go elves are ready to take your orders. Don’t be surprised if you call us and hear “Jingle Bells” or “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” playing in the background – it might be July, but we are already “Rocking Around the Christmas Tree” at Toffee to Go!

Learn more about our Corporate Gifts, and finish your holiday corporate shopping before the chaos even starts

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