Make a Sweet Ending out of an "Oops" Moment

Make a Sweet Ending out of an "Oops" Moment

We’ve all been there before because plain and simple, we’re human. Mistakes happen, that is the undeniable truth of the matter, as embarrassing as it might be. It’s how you choose to recover from that mistake could make or break your client relationship. So, what’s a sweet way to rectify a mistake?

First, take a deep breath. It’s not the end of the world, though it may feel like it at the time. It’s important to keep calm and proceed.

Second, act quickly. Communication is key and needs to be made fast. Call or email as soon as possible. Acknowledge and apologize, don’t make excuses - just take responsibility. A verbal or written apology can go a long way if you do it with humility, respect and honesty. Remember, this is about the recipient, not you or your business situation.

Third, add an extra sweet twist. Let them know you appreciate them and their importance to your company by giving them something of value - like a box of buttery homemade toffee. Make sure the client knows they are getting this gift in relation to your mistake and apology. Let them know that the gift is your way to "sweeten up" the problem you caused.

Finally, for yourself (and your company), turn the mistake into the gift of awareness - awareness in quality control, in work environment relationships, as well as the customer relationship. Learn from your mistake and take the opportunity to improve your processes.

Research has shown that, if handled properly, an apology can actually increase a customer’s loyalty because correcting a mistake builds trust. Customers that change from dissatisfied to satisfied may just leave a raving review about how well their complaint was handled, so there can be a plus side to a big mistake!

So turn your “oh nuts!” situation into a sweet buttery treat with chocolate covered toffee from Toffee to Go!

You can order toffee online today (we can ship anywhere in the United States) or visit our retail store at: 3251 W. Bay to Bay Blvd., Tampa, FL 33629

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